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I have two sets of small (itchy) bug bites next to one another. So its four little itty bitty bumps. It’s a little odd, I’ve never seen em like that before.

I dunno, just something I noticed.


Velma is having none of your vampire shit today.

thief-of-muffins got me sunflowers  He’s the first person to ever get me flowers. There was more of the little white flowers, but I took some out to press in a book. they’ve made my room smell lovely.

When the sunflowers start to wilt, I’m going to try and press one, but I have this wooden jewelry box I can keep the others in. 

we’re gonna die like this you know

miserable and old

really gotta hand it to you

really gotta hand it to you

are you positive

absolutely sure

well just get dressed, don’t do this

just get dressed, don’t do this

— Taking Back Sunday

kareru hana ano koro no you ni
mou ichido dake de ii kirei ni sakitakute
kono yoru ni kokoro mo risou mo yami ni toke komu
semete konya dake demo
kimi no soba de

Akuro no Oka - Dir En Grey

Anonymous asked:
I love you

i’d say it back, but I don’t know who you are.

Anonymous asked:
*sends a million little cute animals over to cuddle you *

that would be beyond perfect. You have noo idea.

Anonymous asked:
I'm sorry things suck. You're beautiful

Thanks anon.

I’d kill for a hug, to be held :/

I choked on words that I was too scared to swallow nor brave enough to speak

Hayden Cooper - Slam (via crystallized-teardrops)

I swear I’m almost there
though I’ve been wandering for days.
I may be chasing ghost trains hoping they’ll arrive
where we used to play.
I may be hopping ghost trains for they terminate
where we used to play in those days.